• iVideo Technologies is a leading supplier of products and services for the audio, video, and broadcast industries.

Other Services

Control System Design

The iVideo Technologies staff includes experienced, certified personnel who can customize a wide variety of control system solutions. Whether wired or wireless systems, iVideo Technologies’ programmers can seamlessly integrate complex system components into a user-friendly control environment.

iVideo Technologies’ detailed control system process includes system design, graphic layouts and submittals, system programming, shop setup, testing, and control system integration.

Maintenance Contracts

Equipment that has been cleaned, adjusted and inspected on a regular basis performs at higher levels and is less likely to be replaced. Because iVideo Technologies’ trained staff comes to its clients’ facilities when scheduled, equipment is only out of service for a minimal period and does not interrupt business use.

iVideo Technologies has multiple preventative maintenance programs to meet your equipment needs.

Product Training

iVideo Technologies offers a wide variety of training programs to ensure that clients are getting the maximum benefit from their audio, video, broadcast, and technology products. In order to best accomplish this, iVideo Technologies offers training programs based upon the trainees’ knowledge, product application, and the specific goals of the client’s organizations.

Product Repairs

iVideo Technologies offers extensive repair services including preventive maintenance, diagnostics, evaluations and restoration. Our technicians are extensively trained to do repairs off-site or on-site, and are equipped with portable machinery and travel-ready toolboxes aimed at the specific repairs at hand.

When a quick response is essential for repairs, this prepared state allows a repair technician to quickly fix the problem. When advanced repairs are needed our relationship with the industry’s key vendors allows us to work with them to get your products fixed.

Product Demonstrations

In an evolving technology-based industry it can be difficult for clients to stay informed of the latest products. By offering in-person or web-based product demonstrations, iVideo Technologies works to ensure that our clients are aware of the most recent industry tools. Since iVideo Technologies has one of the largest project resumes in the country, it may be possible to view a recently installed audio/video/broadcast system.

Remote Assistance

Often times, technical problems cannot be solved over the phone and there is not time to have an on-site visit. iVideo Technologies’ remote assistance program allows us to access your system and work to immediately fix any issues. Supporting both Mac and PC computers, iVideo Technologies can work to fix your system needs immediately.