• iVideo Technologies is a leading supplier of products and services for the audio, video, and broadcast industries.

Design and Engineering

iVideo Technologies’ design and engineering group incorporates the latest in audio, video, broadcast, and telecommunication technologies into best-in-class systems.

Getting products from dozens of vendors to form a complete system is a complex process that requires years of experience. iVideo Technologies’ team of designers and engineers have built/completed thousands of advanced communications systems and actively work with product creators to fully understand the functionality of the latest products. By balancing pragmatic systematic needs with advanced technologies, iVideo Technologies strives to provide a complete system that will last for years.

By first assessing our clients’ needs and understanding their budget, we work to ensure that our system engineers first understand what the client is looking for.

From there our team conceptualizes an efficient facility tailored to meet the specifically developed needs. After review and getting client approval for our concepts, iVideo Technologies next creates a series of detailed schematic drawings.

Based on these drawings, iVideo Technologies’ installation team completes the system integration.

By providing advanced design-to-installation services, iVideo Technologies is recognized as a leading systems integrator.